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Miscellaneous Products

Accessories are the details that finish a room or garden. We thought about the types of accent pieces we could use indoors or outdoors as functional and decorative pieces. A few examples are pictured below. Our accessory line is constantly evolving as we get ideas from clients or co-workers for additions to the collection.

Please note that the items pictured on this page are available in both plaster and light-weight concrete. If you have questions about any of our pieces phone us at 414.672.2500 or e-mail at

Item # J401 - $95.00 (Plaster) $115.00 (Concrete)
Item # J402 - $40
Arch Focal Point
Item # J403 - $850.00 (Plaster) $1,000.00 (Concrete)
Item # J404 - $125.00 (Plaster) $150.00 (Concrete)
Nero's Throne
Item # J405 - $3000
Terra Cotta Flower Swag
Item # J406 - $450.00 (Plaster) $550.00 (Concrete)