Medallions, Moldings, Mirrors & more


Decorative plaster has been used for centuries to add character and interest to living and working areas. The Plaster Gallery is your source for unique plaster accessories to add simple or ornate detail to houses, apartments, or commercial spaces. Whatever your taste, the Plaster Gallery has pieces that will compliment your individual style.

All of our products are designed and produced in our studio in Walkers Point, a historic neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our design team approaches each piece by discussing the concept, developing a prototype, creating the mold, and then pouring the plaster that is reinforced with hemp. The result is a long-lasting piece ready for painting and installation.

For questions about our products and ordering and shipping information, please email or call the Gallery directly at 414.672.2500. Wholesale pricing is available to credentialed designers and contractors only.

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